Aluminum in the form of profiles is used today for a wide range of applications in construction and public works. It is the material of choice for curtain walls, window frames, porches and other glazed structures.

In the form of rolled products, aluminum is widely used for roller shutters, doors, cladding or insulation panels.

In general, structures such as living quarters, oil rigs or scaffolding are made of aluminum.

The harmoniously shaped profiles are an additional decorative asset: store layout, railings, etc.

In the renovation

aluminum is particularly appreciated for its unique shaping and processing qualities . The reason is simple: malleable and easily adorned with any color or finish, it offers engineers and architects the greatest design flexibility , allowing them to match the original building, its environment and the local identity:

  • The material lends itself easily to machining, shaping and assembly techniques. Thanks to the most flexible and inexpensive manufacturing method, special profiles can be created in small quantities. Aluminum also makes it possible to replace an identical window, to enlarge it or to create new ones, whatever its style: Haussmannian joinery in basket handle, large French windows with arched frames, windows small-timber rustic… For more information, visit the FenêtreAlu website
  • Thanks to anodizing and powder coating techniques, aluminum is adorned with all colors (shiny or matt) and all finishes (smooth, textured, metallic, etc.); to learn more about these techniques, see the ADAL website

In the new

  • aluminum allows the creation of large bay windows to enhance the solar and light contributions. For equal mass, aluminum offers greater resistance and better rigidity than other most common materials. It also allows the installation of large glass surfaces in extremely thin frames. to achieve energy savings thanks to solar and light inputs.To fully understand the energy advantages of aluminum joinery, visit the FenêtreAlu website


Other applications