Other applications

Electricity and electronics

Cables for the transport and distribution of energy:

  • high voltage lines,
  • underground cables,
  • winding wires for transformers ...


The excellent conductivity of aluminum, but also its lightness and strength, explain its development in this field.

Sports and leisures

The lightness of aluminum gives it a privileged place:

  • in the manufacture of caravans,
  • camping equipment,
  • diving and mountaineering,
  • in the structures of flying wings,
  • ski poles,
  • golf clubs,
  • mountain bikes,
  • the scooter…

Objects of everyday life

Aluminum is found in many objects that are part of the daily environment :

  • household equipment (kitchen utensils, appliances, refrigerators, radiators),
  • leisure objects (I-Pod, CD covering, etc.),
  • street furniture,
  • road signs ...