Alu + C- approach

Since the Paris Agreement, it is our collective responsibility to lower the carbon footprint of our lifestyles. This involves making informed choices about the products and services we consume or use.

The world average of the production of one tonne of aluminum is 18 tonnes of CO2eq per tonne of aluminum produced. In Europe, the average production is 6.7 (source: European Aluminum) and the average French production is 4.5t of CO2 eq. The lowest carbon footprint to date is around 4 tonnes of CO2eq.

The energy mix of electricity produced in France which is carbon-free, which allows our industry to be among the least emitting in the world.

To meet the challenges of decarbonization and regulations (RE2020), the aluminum industry is working on the carbon footprint of its semi-finished products for the construction sector.

The Alu + C approach - is a continuous improvement process developed jointly between professional organizations representing aluminum spinners ( Groupement des Fileurs d'Aluminium / Aluminum France ) and manufacturers, designers and installers of exterior joinery in aluminum profiles. ( SNFA ) which optimizes the carbon footprint of aluminum at the same time:

  • on supply (carbon footprint of the billet)
  • the spinning process.

Spinning factories wishing to integrate the process carry out an annual “third party” audit to determine their carbon footprint and validate their compliance with the process criteria: supply and spinning processes.

The auditors work under agreement with the Group of aluminum spinners (GFA) in order to comply with the methodology for calculating the carbon footprint.

The certificate of compliance with the criteria of the Alu + C - process is issued to French or foreign profile manufacturers who are part of the process. The spinner will thus be able to provide his client with a certificate of conformity with the Alu + C - approach for his profiles.

GFA members involved in the Alu + C- approach:
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Alu + C- approach

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