The Aluminum industry and its professional organizations are very concerned about human health and pay the greatest attention to scientific studies concerning aluminum and its multiple uses. They contribute, by carrying out studies, to understanding the possible effects of aluminum on health.

To know the effects of its material, the industry favors the opinions of collective expertises and especially those from independent, French or international organizations, such as the WHO. These organizations are able to provide the multidisciplinarity often necessary for a good analysis; they can judge the methodology followed and the scope of the results obtained; by their very composition, they are protected from personal, private or sectoral interests.

At the present time, no collective scientific expertise makes it possible to blame aluminum in the pathologies sometimes mentioned, by mistake, in the media. The subject of the relationship between aluminum and health has in particular been the subject of a very large study by the three French health agencies that are Afssa, Afssaps and Invs. All the areas of health that may possibly concern aluminum have been investigated by groups of researchers (food, drinking water, neurological pathologies, cosmetics, drugs, etc.). And, in their joint report, the three agencies underline that "at the doses usually consumed by the French population, there is nothing to confirm that the aluminum in water, food and health products is associated with risks. increased for health ”.

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