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Renew manufacturing processes with 3D printing

Constellium innovates in 3D printing. Its partnership with AddUp, a joint venture of Fives and Michelin and a key player in metal 3D printing, is a first step towards building a French sector, from upstream to production. Their solutions find excellent outlets in defense and transport. For complete control of the production chain, a condition of our industrial sovereignty, investments are still necessary in the production of powders.

  • Alireza Arbab, Head of Additive Manufacturing, C-TEC Constellium Technology Center
  • Ravi Shahani, innovation manager, C-TEC Constellium Technology Center
  • Stéphane Abed, Strategy Director, AddUp, Poly-Shape and BeAM

The AGV Max autonomous vehicle for transporting anodes: integrating the team into the robotization process

How to integrate a robot in a factory which functioned without until then? The AGV Max autonomous vehicle, which transports the anodes to the tanks, marks a major break in use and its integration into the production process raises the question of its social acceptance. This intervention presents the work carried out with the factory team to integrate the robot into the production process, giving the floor to the Dunkirk teams.

  • Amélie Hennion, Managing Director, Aluminum Dunkerque
  • Sylvie Fraysse, General Manager, Aluminum Technology Solutions, Rio Tinto

Big Data: predictive maintenance to reduce the carbon footprint of processes

By developing SmartCrane, a system of sensors and intelligent data processing, Fives and Trimet bear witness to the dynamism of the French aluminum industry in its cooperative dimension. One of the key challenges for the industry of the future is to use the mass of data collected by artificial intelligence to improve industrial performance.

  • Loïc Maenner, Managing Director, Trimet France
  • Serge Despinasse, Technology Director, Aluminum division, Fives

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