The Group of Aluminum Spinners (GFA)

The Group of aluminum spinners was created in 1938 and today brings together the only aluminum spinners , members of Aluminum France and producing in France .

In addition to various tasks of common interest (keeping statistics, collecting information for market studies, dealing with users and with specialized organizations, defending the profession, etc.), the Groupement des spineurs aluminum plays a role . active in the representation of French industrialists with European Aluminum .

The GFA is a founding member of ADAL (Association for the Development of Anodized or Lacquered Aluminum) which issues labels for the surface treatment of aluminum.

The GFA is also a founding member of the Aluminum Architecture Association (AAA) which it created with the SNFA (professional organization representing designers, manufacturers and installers of exterior joinery in aluminum profiles) for the promotion of aluminum products in the building industry.

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Find out about the members of Aluminum France, the Group of aluminum spinners and the Group of aluminum refiners.


Aluminum France is a direct member of MEDEF, UIMM, France industrie and CEDAP. It maintains permanent links with a large number of other professional organizations depending on the subjects to be dealt with. It maintains privileged links with certain specialized organizations.

The Aluminum Refiners Group was created in 2018 and brings together aluminum refiners. It represents 80% of French production and enables the recycling loop to be closed.