Following the intention of the American administration to impose customs duties of 10% on all aluminum imports into the United States [i] , Aluminum France and European Aluminum call on the European Commission and the State French people to mobilize quickly to protect the aluminum industry from the consequences of this decision.

The aluminum industry laments the Trump administration’s intention to impose a tariff on all aluminum imports regardless of their country of origin. European exports of aluminum to the United States, taking into account both their quantity and their characteristics, do not constitute a threat to American national security. In addition, this undifferentiated increase in customs duties does not respond to the current fundamental problem of the industry linked to overcapacity in aluminum production in China. This global challenge can only be effectively managed through a comprehensive and long-term solution based on the creation of a global forum at the G20.

These unprecedented measures threaten to destabilize global trade flows. As a result of this announcement the aluminum industry fears a breakdown in the current trade relations between the United States and Europe, which have highly interconnected value chains with multinational companies operating in the two territories. It is also to be expected that these measures will lead to a reorientation of exports from third countries to Europe; this would increase the pressure on the French and European value chains already impacted by Chinese overcapacity. Remember that thousands of jobs may be at stake in more than 600 European factories, including 60 in France.

Aluminum France call on the European Commission and the French government to immediately implement market surveillance measures and the imposition of safeguard measures if necessary aimed at maintaining a strong national and European industry, in accordance with international trade rules.

[i] In accordance with the recommendations of the Section 232 report

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